We are a message based

Media Agency

We’ll connect your brand to the Perfect Storm: Women at Midlife & Beyond. It’s who we are. We speak their language. In fact … we’ve got them on speed dial.

What we do

MODLife Media connects visionary companies to the heart and soul of the greatest demographic in history: Women at Midlife & Beyond. Only it’s no longer considered “Midlife” … it’s a MODLIFE! They are the first and only generation to have health and vitality, wisdom and life experience, and a pocketbook to match. They make the buying decisions for and control 80% of the nation’s disposable income. That’s $12 Trillion a year. Ignore them at your peril.

Campaign Creation

Have a marketing idea? Need one? We connect to the pulse of women 35+ and excel at creating content they want. Brainstorming with clients is our favorite pastime. Seeing them smile at the finished product ain’t bad either.

UX Strategy/Design

Don’t try to sell a Midlife woman an anti-aging cream with a 25-year-old model. If you want to sell to the most important consumer demographic on the planet, learn what they want to experience. From web design and branding to content creation, you need a modern message. We’ll help you with that.

Video Production

Video killed the radio star. Get content creation, A to Z production, and a marketing strategy. We do it all. Oh … and did we mention we do it better and more economically than any comparable commercial firm? Check out our work.

Focus Group Expertise

Only one way to find out what a Midlife & Beyond woman wants: Ask her. Our business evolved from listening to and servicing our core constituency. Our Forever Fierce Revolution Facebook Group is a highly engaged and enthusiastic focus audience. Ask Facebook. They sent their own research team for two days to figure out what the hell we do.

Event Planning and Execution

We know what women want to experience. From the hotel, speakers, marketing plan, to the execution of an event with the finest of design touches that makes a woman feel catered to and cared for … we’ve done it. Ask Ellen Degeneress. 

Our Team

Nothing you’ve read so far really matters. We can do what we do because we have a diverse, passionate, and devoted team that cares about excellence. We’ve been through a lot in life and bring our experiences, expertise, and energy to every project. We’re the Tribe with the Kind Vibe and there are No Mean Girls Allowed!

Generating New Ideas. Connecting to the heart of a woman.

No one will notice one Midlife woman walking down the street. You won’t miss a million of them and they are on their way. We don’t listen to what we were told by society about who we should be. We’re here to inspire women to “Rewire, Reinvent, and BE RELEVANT!”

Women in the World (Billions)

We've Reached

FFR Members

Fierce Hugs

Why we are different

We value wisdom and life experience. We believe a feminine outlook and feminine insights have been ignored for too long. We foster creativity and collaboration through understanding and compassion. We are going to change the world and we are just getting started.

Our Work

We’ll tackle anything including campaign concept and design to a full video production. We think differently and our focus is on who are we reaching and how.

Faces of Fierce

We challenged award winning women’s branding photographer, Courtney Paige Ray, to shoot over 40 women in one weekend at FierceCon. We told her to bring out their personality, power, and beauty. So she did.

Girlfriend Jeans Campaign

Quentin Tarantino never imagined we’d cast six Forever Fierce Women Bloggers in a “Reservoir Dogs” themed video. These gals rocked it. Eat your heart out Quentin.

Self Portrait Rodeo Drive

Need a fashion or product video? We’ll provide what you need including concept, design, production, and marketing. Do you want to sell to a demographic that buys? Start with us. We like our whiskey on the rocks.

Forever Fierce Models in Jaclyn Jones USA Luxury Shoes

Total Height = 12 feet +
Total Age = 106
Total Weight = Yeah. Right.

BTS Chicy Blinders

Disclaimer: NO models were endangered during this shoot or under the age of 50. Well, except for the handsome dude in the middle.

La La Land Redux

When we had an idea for a talk show, we brought some of the top thought leaders in Midlife Blogging to LA and followed the footsteps of the movie La La Land. We also shot a fashion video … because we can.

Talk Show Production

Remember La La Land. That led to our producing Forever Fierce with Catherine Grace O’Connell: the all video show is the definitive Voice for women at Midlife & Beyond. Here’s Facebook’s Global Head of Groups who came down from Menlo Park to guest on the show!

Girls Night Out

We Bridge the Gap between Millennials and Midlifers. What we found out is that they enjoy teaching each other. We call it Reciprocal Mentorship. And they have a hell of a lot of fun going out together!

Why Us?

Age is just a number. Attitude is everything. The future is female. Take your pick. Women are a continuum: Inside every Midlife & Beyond woman is a Millennial that was, and inside every Millennial is a Midlife woman to be. We excel at connecting them.
“I’m 57 and my daughter Caleigh just started college and we connect about everything!” In the next ten years, she’ll likely get married, start a home, and make decisions for her household. Guess who she’s going to ask for advice on what to buy and what to use? Me.” Donna Gendreau Horrigan

VP Client Development, Integrity Solutions

From Our Clients
Actually, we don’t believe in clients … or followers. We believe in partners and friends.

“We know who our best customer is and so does MODLife Media. Their connection and ability to marshall and engage the Midlife demographic is surreal! My team attended a FierceCon event as a sponsor and left inspired!

Peter Lee

CEO, Saranghae Korean Skin Care

“I am founder and designer behind a luxury women’s footwear brand geared towards women who desire equal parts style, quality and comfort. We were overjoyed when we connected with MODLife Media, who helped our brand reach a niche audience while portraying a visual message of power and beauty. Catherine and her team have built a supportive and engaged community of women with genuine, individual connections – which can be hard to come by in a digital world!”

Jaclyn Jones

Founder & CEO, Jaclyn Jones USA

You’re curious aren’t you?
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If you’ve gotten this far, you want to know more about what we do! Have an idea or a question? Thinking of a collaboration or do you just want to introduce yourself and kick around a concept? Here’s what will happen: we’ll read your message and get back to you ASAP!

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