Chicy Blinders

Chicos Girlfriend Jeans

Madison Reed Badass

Kindra Sexy

Kindra Day In The Life

Roller Girls

La La Land Redux

Faces of Fierce

Introducing Catherine Grace O'Connell

Professional Fashion Shoot LA

Yin Yang Model Duo - Coco Rocha Model Camp

NYC Fashion Shoot - Coco Rocha Model Camp



Woman in Vogue

Self Portrait on Rodeo Drive

Somewhere On a Beach in Lilly

CGO in the City

Styling Yorkville

Self Portrait in Toronto

Fringe Benefits

Girls Night Out

Video Talk show

Joan Lunden

Author & Good Morning America Icon

Cheryl Richardson

Oprah Collaborator – Coach on Call

Sheri Salata

Oprah Show Lead Producer

Danielle LaPorte

Best Selling Author and Inspirational Speaker

Tracy Chadwell

CEO 1843 Capital – Investing in Women Because It Pays

Meaghan Murphy

Author & Editor In Chief Woman’s Day Magazine

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