Faces of Fierce

We sent seven Forever Fierce Revolution members to Malibu for a shoot with Courtney Paige Ray. We told her to bring out their personality, power, and beauty. So she did.

Girlfriend Jeans Campaign

Quentin Tarantino never imagined we’d cast six Forever Fierce Women Bloggers in a “Reservoir Dogs” themed video. These gals rocked it. Eat your heart out Quentin.

Self Portrait Rodeo Drive

Need a fashion or product video? We’ll provide what you need including concept, design, production, and marketing. Do you want to sell to a demographic that buys? Start with us. We like our whiskey on the rocks.

Forever Fierce Models in Jaclyn Jones USA Luxury Shoes

Total Height = 12 feet +
Total Age = 106
Total Weight = Yeah. Right.

BTS Chicy Blinders

Disclaimer: NO models were endangered during this shoot or under the age of 50. Well, except for the handsome dude in the middle.

La La Land Redux

When we had an idea for a talk show, we brought some of the top thought leaders in Midlife Blogging to LA and followed the footsteps of the movie La La Land. We also shot a fashion video … because we can.

Talk Show Production

Remember La La Land. That led to our producing Forever Fierce with Catherine Grace O’Connell: the all video show is the definitive Voice for women at Midlife & Beyond. Here’s Facebook’s Global Head of Groups who came down from Palo Alto to guest on the show! 

Girls Night Out

We Bridge the Gap between Millennials and Midlifers. What we found out is that enjoy teaching each other. We call it Reciprocal Mentorship. And they have a hell of a lot of fun going out together!
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